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Studio Mashinani is a project targeting the Youth of Kenya to show case their talents in Performance Art. Book a studio session at a KBC facility, as shown below, to bring your creation to life

A key component of the Ajira Digital Program is under the theme “Talent ni Kazi”, where we aim to develop our creative industry by enabling our youth to tap into their natural creative curiosity and inventiveness. Through a project known as Studio Mashinani, the Ministry of ICT through the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, has built and will operate FIVE independent audio recording and creative production studios for purposes of recording quality audio music, commercials and jingle pieces.

Book a Session FAQs

How it Works

  1. Select your preferred studio from the choices displayed below, or
  2. Click on the Book a Session button provided below
  3. If you are not already logged in, the booking process will include that step

Term and Conditions


Studio Mashinani eligibility guidelines are necessary to ensure the greatest access to the studio to as many artists as possible.


In an effort to allow equitable opportunity for facility use, Reservations will be limited to no more than 4 uses per month and no more than 2 hours per use. Usage beyond this requires special approval and will be based on availability and circumstance

Artists must apply and be approved to be eligible to use the studio;

Use is managed through a reservation system;

Facility reservations are processed on a space available basis to eligible individuals/ groups.


Activities we can support:

  • The creation of audio productions that include music, spoken work, poetry, jingles, instrumentals etc by a Kenyan creator;
  • Artists who create content that are based on or around music;
  • Equipment/rehearsal space if it is an essential part of the creation of your creative artwork;
We cannot support:
  • Buying equipment
  • Building a studio
  • Artists and music creators based outside of the Kenya
  • Radio stations/broadcasting costs
  • Companies limited by shares will be considered on a case by case basis.
Recording costs that Studio Mashinani will absorb:
  • Studio recording time
  • Live recordings
  • Rehearsal time
  • Mastering
  • Equipment hire
Costs we are unable to support:
  • Artwork
  • Manufacturing costs
  • Equipment purchase
  • Travel costs 
  • Producer fees
Additional Information:
  • Successful applicants must display the Studio Mashinani logo clearly on the release of any recording supported by Studio Mashinani
  • Due to demand, the studio availability will be blocked out every Thursday and Friday for artists who meet a preselection criteria. All others are welcome to book hourly slots available Monday - Wednesday
We are unable to offer the following:
  • Advice on signing to a label or how to organise tours/projects
  • Advice on gigs/venues
  • Promoting your music, unless it is done via the Y254 Channel
The following activities are prohibited at the Studio sites:
  • Smoking
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Cooking / Food Preparation
  • Use of candles, lanterns, incense, or any open flame
  • Political or religious activities/events
  • Fundraising events /activities
  • Sale of goods or services

Eligible applicants:

Kenyan with a valid National ID card;

NOTE: You MUST present your National ID card to gain access to the Studios


Ineligible applicants:

Applications from individuals who are under 18;

Prohibited Activities:

Forfeiture of use privileges will result if individual/ group does not comply with terms and conditions if individual/ group use results in inappropriate conduct or improper use of facilities. If application is proven to contain misrepresentation(s) or inaccurate information. Failure to follow general use guidelines pertaining to care and upkeep of facilities and/or equipment will result in 1 written warning. Repeat offenses will be subject to forfeiture of use. Should an individual/ group lose its privileges for any of the above reasons, the minimum effective period shall be 1 year from notification.



  1. Integrity
  2. Timeliness
  3. Fairness and Impartiality
  4. Embracing dynamism, creativity and innovativeness
  5. Observing decency, ethics and professionalism in our actions