About Online Work

The bulk of online work is created by companies based in the largest economies of the world. But most of the work is completed by people living in developing countries in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.
Already, thousands of Kenyans participate in the world of online work. There are at least 40,000 Kenyans registered on Upwork, the leading freelance platform. In a 2014 survey of oDesk (now Upwork) Kenya ranked 10th overall on a list of countries providing workers, No 1 in Africa.

Connect with online workers in Kenya
Search for and connect with online workers on Facebook, Quora, Twitter and other social media platforms

4 Tips to Help You Get Started With Online Work
  • Do Your Research

    Online work is real. But there are many unscrupulous websites on the Internet. Do your research before you take on assignments. Do not pay anyone for an account. Nor should you pay to get a job. Trusted online work platforms are free to join.
    Visit our Find Work page to get started with some online work markertplaces.

  • Connect with Others

    Find a community and mentors on social media. There are many Kenyan groups on social media where online workers go to share information, tips and encouragement. Search for online communities on Facebook or Quora.

  • Take Online Courses

    Deepen your skill by taking online courses. These can be videos, webinars or eLearning courses. Take several tests or recognised certification to strengthen your online work profile and demonstrate your ability to potential clients.
    Check out our Certification Resources page for some links to free certification.

  • Start Small

    For your first few jobs, take small, easy to complete tasks and build up to more complex work. This will allow you to build a good reputation online. Be patient, grow your online work career with purpose and direction.

  • More Resources

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