MPost means Mobile Post office. It enables any mobile phone user to have his or her phone act like a mobile post office. It allows you to make your mobile number be a formal postal address. With it, you get access to Postal Services through your mobile phone.


  1.   Enhance postal address penetration among the populace.
  2.   Address the economic and unemployment challenges especially among the youth within the country

Why MPost?

1. Convenience:- Once mail is received at the Post Office, an SMS notification is sent to the Phone and the mail can be delivered across the country.

2. Secure:- With Mobile based service communal sharing of boxes is eliminated hence enhancing security and privacy.

3. Affordability:- MPost is technologically driven and therefore riding on existing infrastructure. The virtual box costs Kshs300 per year.

4. Inclusion:- The ability to entrench addressing within a populace. With MPost, anyone with a phone number can own a virtual post office box.

How It Works?

STEP 1: Give ID or Passport

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STEP 2: Pick Postal Code

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A step by step video tutorial


  • How to become an Mpost Agent?

    1. Register as an mpost agent - Click here to register
    2. Once registered you can now sell MPost accounts and receive commissions on accounts sold
    3. During registration, ask the client to give your mobile number as the agent number (You must use the mobile number that you used in the Mpost registration)
    4. You will recieve Ksh 50, immediately after a successful sale
  • How to become an Mpost super-agent?

    1. Become an Mpost agent.
    2. Sell 200 mpost account in a month.
    3. You will automatically get the super-agent status.
    4. You have to sell 200 mpost accounts per month to keep the super-agent status.
  • What's in it for super-agents?

    1. A higher commission of Ksh 65 per successful signup.
        - Ksh 50 will be sent to you immediately after a successful sale
        - The additional Ksh 15 will be sent to you cumulatively at the end of the month upon confirmation of selling 200 accounts in that month.
  • How Does It Work?

    For every customer you successfully enrol to MPost, you will IMMEDIATELY receive KES 50 to your MPESA account.

    During registration for MPost, the customer is asked to enter the phone number of the agent who referred him/her to MPost and the number entered in that field will receive the KES 50 as a commission once the transaction is complete