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To start working online you only need basic computer skills, internet connection and a computer/laptop.

An online worker is a self-employed person who uses the internet to find, complete and submit work. Online work is so flexible, you can set your own hours, working full or part-time on the projects of your choice.

To create employment opportunities for the youth.

This is a program that aims to introduce young people in Kenya to online work and provide the tools, training and mentorship needed for young people to work and earn an income through online work.

There are different youth centers with free internet, use this link suport centers to see which centers have internet connection.

Some fake clients will try to get personal information by contacting you directly, make you do free sample jobs-when asked for sample jobs by a client simply direct him/her to your profile or at most do one sample job, click here to get more enlightened on how to identify online scams and avoid them.

As an online worker you can get paid through a number of channels which includes Skrill, PayPal, Payoneer. To learn more as you decide on a mode of payment click on the following links

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  2. Payment Methods-FreelanceQuest